Friday, 16 September 2011

Bad News For Boorley Green ..

 .. and Hedge End.  Despite their election promise to stand against more building and traffic in the Hedge End area, local Lib Dems have decided to push ahead with plans for massive new housing developments at Boorley Green and Woodhouse Lane, Hedge End.  Meeting this week the Borough Council cabinet, which includes Hedge End Town Councillors Louise Bloom and Keith House, decided that building at Boorley Green will have "less environmental impact" than a new mini-town at Allington Lane. 

Cllr House also dangled the carrot of a much-discussed Botley by-pass to be included in the package, despite there being uncertainty as to whether the already threatened levels of new housing will bring in sufficient developers' contributions to fund the required road expansion.

What is certain is that if the Lib Dems have their way, Hedge End is destined for more traffic, more strain on the local infrastructure and less countryside for peaceful, informal recreation.

Hedge End Town Council will have the opportunity to debate the Lib Dem housing plans in public next Wednesday when my motion opposing the plans (which the Lib Dems refused to discuss in July) will once more be on the agenda. 

The Borough Council's press release is here.


  1. How depressing... No doubt the Allington Lane development will soon follow thus forfilling the Lib Dem secret remit to concrete the entire Eastleigh borough; gridlocking the roads and charging exhorbitant prices for car parking. What a wonderful future we all have in store.

  2. Boorley Green, Allington Lane, Cupernham in Romsey...on and on the list goes... Mass developments to cater for the mass population overspills caused by the mass immigration of cheap EU labour itself caused by open EU borders. Cameron has sworn to stop this. He has LIED! Nothing will change until we leave the EU and close our borders to non-essential immigration.