Monday, 19 December 2011

Berry "First Class"

It is great to see Hedge End's new theatre getting such good reviews for its first Christmas show, Hansel and Gretel.

The Daily Echo has described it as "simply first class ... The Berry Theatre proves the perfect venue", and online review site exhorts: "If you are thinking of taking the children to a Christmas show, make sure you take them to Hansel and Gretel ... you are guaranteed to be going home with very happy children ... and they won't be the only ones ... with smiles on their faces."

Congratulations to director Sarah Brigham and all the team.

The show runs until Christmas Eve, although ticket availability is already  limited for Friday and Saturday.


  1. I have yet to read a negative review on anything the Point has ever staged from Eastleigh Council's business partners - the Echo
    All I know is my kids asked me to stop taking them to the half term 'family' productions at the Point because they found them too weird and frightening.
    I'm afraid I can't agree either Keith your previous post suggesting that this production would be good value or in any way comparable with the professional seasonal productions at the Mayflower which feature a professionally written script, star cast, full chorus line and orchestra and West End standard special effects.
    We go every year to Mayflower as a family and have seen some outstanding productions - we have never had a problem parking - not even on Christmas Eve unlike my last visit to the Berry!

  2. There's a place for grass roots theatre Stephen, and it looks like that place could be Hedge End. There's also a place for expensive, gee-whizz prima donna theatre, and that could be the Mayflower.

  3. The cast at The Berry are all professional actors. In fact award winning - Gretel will be at The barbican next year in translunar paradise and the Woodcutter and composer is Sony award nominee. The Director has directed shows across Europe for bigger theatres than the Mayflower which is just a presenting house who churn out Z list tv stars - actually proper quality theatres - read the programme! Every show is different at The Point and Berry as its different companies but this one is actually produced by them you clearly have no idea about professional theatre. Sad also to see a local take their cash elsewhere instead of investing in the local economy.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Sarah, glad yuo believe in the theatre. The Berry has got to do something successful soon or it will go under. The odd professinal comic might provide a full house now and then but that's not enough to pay the bills - tax payers will have to shoulder that.