Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Residents: Lib Dem Consultation "Not Sufficient"

Not everyone is happy  
In the same week that a Botley Parish Councillor has expressed concerns about the Lib Dem Borough Council's latest consultation on its draft local plan,  a group of Hedge End and Bursledon residents have written to Hedge End Blogger with their own complaints.

This is what they have to say:

"A group of local residents have established the Hedge End and Bursledon Action Group (HEBAG) to campaign against Eastleigh Borough Council’s proposed plans for substantial levels of housing development in the local area. 

The draft version of Eastleigh Borough Council’s Local Plan for the period 2011-2029 proposed the construction of 40 dwellings on the land which lies between Heath House Lane and Pylands Lane in Bursledon (Policy BU3). Eastleigh Borough Council also plans to build a new road between Heath House Lane and Dodwell Lane to bypass the road junction at Sunday’s Hill (Policy BU5). Development is also planned for 100 dwellings in the Foord Road area of Hedge End (Policy HE3). The revised version of the Draft Local Plan indicates that the number of dwellings in Policy BU3 is to be increased to 250. This change is now far greater than the initial 40 dwellings contained in the first draft of the Local Plan. In light of these changes, HEBAG is concerned that, as before, there will not be sufficient consultation between the Council and local residents on their development plans.

The Public Consultation for the proposed changes to the Draft Local Plan is currently open until midday on the 13th July 2012. You can view the proposed changes and submit your comments via the Eastleigh Borough Council website (, by email or by letter.

HEBAG recently sent out a survey to approx 600 local homes which sought to identify residents’ views on the proposed housing plans.  There was a great response which clearly demonstrates the real concerns local residents share. HEBAG are currently in the process of collating the results into a presentable format and the plan is to present the findings at forthcoming Council meetings to ensure that residents’ views are heard on this matter.

Please visit or for information and updates on HEBAG campaign activities or contact the HEBAG team at: / 07554 880 234 / 02380 407 992."
The Council wrote to every household in the Borough to notify them of the original consultation last year.  This time round they have not even written to those families who live close to the new and changed development locations, but are leaving it to local people like HEBAG to do their job for them.

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