Friday, 5 October 2012

Hedge End Bans Bee-Killing Sprays

Hedge End Town Council has agreed that its allotments will continue to be a bee-friendly area by formally adopting policies including the explicit ban of neonicotinoid sprays.

Several recent studies have indicated that these chemicals are contributing to the decline in bees even in non-lethal doses by affecting their nervous systems and interfering with their ability to find their way back to their hives and nests.

The Coalition Government (despite its claim to be the greenest ever) are so far refusing to ban these pesticides, but Green Party MP Caroline Lucas is fighting to have the Environmental Audit Committee investigate their lack of action.

How Hedge Enders Can Help Bees

More information about neonicotinoids and a petition can be found at the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause web site.

There is another petition here and details of which pesticides contain neonicotinoids are available at the Soil Association.

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