Monday, 5 November 2012

Lib Dems Green Light for Late Night Pizzas

Opening the door for an enhanced night-time economy in Hedge End, Local Lib Dems have given the OK for Domino's Pizza to extend their opening hours.

As reported on this blog here and here, Domino's wanted to stay open until 3am seven days a week.  They applied to the Southampton and Eastleigh Licensing Partnership based at Southampton Civic Centre for permission.  This was in the face of their original planning permission when they took over the old Threshers off-licence which clearly stated that they should close at 11pm. 

Eastleigh's own planning officers were opposed to the extension, as were a number of local residents and the Lib Dems on the Town Council's Highways and Planning Committee.

Now the Licensing Panel, comprising Hedge End Councillors Pretty and Welsh, and Bishopstoke's Cllr Winstanley have decided that an extension to midnight is OK.

Within weeks of the decision, a visitor to Hedge End was mugged for his pizza in the car park behind Domino's.

Photo credit -Pål Berge


  1. Gangs of malnourished chavs hanging round car parks waiting to mug people for food.
    Getting more like Eastleigh everyday!
    This is what you get when you vote for increasing urbanisation - welcome to Town life.

  2. What a tummy-churning picture, particularly before 10 a.m. I thought takeaway meant take home and eat. Where's the knife and fork?

  3. I didn't think Domino's pizzas were worth mugging someone for!