Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tories Insist: Land Not For Sale

Farm Land or Concrete? 
Serious doubts remain about whether the Lib Dem master plan for 3,500 houses in Hedge End and Botley is deliverable.  The planning process is currently stalled by unspecified concerns from the Highway Agency according to the Borough Council web site.  And local Tories continue to claim that Hampshire County Council will not sell the land at Woodhouse Lane in Hedge End where the Lib Dems want to build a thousand houses

Hiltingbury Conservative Cllr Grajewski plans to ask this question of Borough Council Leader and Hedge End Town Councillor Keith House at this week's Full Council meeting: "In view of the fact that Hampshire County Council has informed Eastleigh Borough Council that it will not release land at Woodhouse Lane for development within the plan period 2011-2029, what does the future hold for the Draft Local Plan?"

Perhaps the question should also be asked: "In view of the fact that official Conservative policy is to build as many houses on green field land as possible, can Hampshire Tories really stand up against their masters at Westminster?"  Planning minister Nick Boles has this to say: “It’s my job to make the arguments to these people [people who oppose development] that if they carry on writing letters their kids are never going to get a place with a garden to bring up their grandkids"

I've said it before - Who can you believe?


  1. There is always a disconnect between the parliamentary party and the grass roots once they have achieved power. You know what that feels like - its a shame more of your former Lib Dem colleagues didn't have the same bottle you displayed though.
    One local Tory told me today that they see their role as representing local people and if that brings them into conflict with the parliamentary party then so be it.
    Hang on ...actually two Tories told me that today!
    Yep, all over the country the squires in the shires are getting restless!

  2. Make that three Torys! I've just had an email!!