Sunday, 26 January 2014

Voters Wooed in Wildern

Candidates are shaping up and the first leaflets have been exchanged for the Wildern ward by election on 13th February.

Ray Turner (the independent candidate), Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP have all been active this weekend. Nothing from the Tories yet, but I see on Twitter that a fallen tree was blocking the drive to their plush HQ in Upper Northam Close. Perhaps they were all stuck in the billiard room. Or are they planning to give their coalition cronies another easy ride?

Some people have told me, "It's only a Town Council by election." But the Town Council has a budget of over £900,000 and a council tax precept of over £600,000. Voters in Wildern ward are being given the chance to have a say on who decides how to spend that money. I hope there is a reasonable turnout and whoever is elected has a real mandate from the people.


  1. This is an interesting local by-election, with 5 candidates to choose from this time. That doesn't often happen in Hedge End Town Council elections, often only the Lib Dems stand, but you have a REAL CHOICE this time.

    Do PLEASE TURN OUT and cast your vote on Feb 13th.

    Naturally I hope that Hedge End has a second INDEPENDENT Town Councillor on 14th February, but the most important thing is that Hedge Enders turn out and vote. At the Shamblehurst 2012 by-election, the turnout was less than 25%. Although the Lib Dems took 60% of that vote, the result also showed that they could only carry the support of 15% of the electorate.

    The Lib Dems are not as popular as they would like us to think.

    I am hoping that the silent majority will TURN OUT ON FEB 13th and help us take another step towards replacing them...!

  2. What our local councils need is a cross-section of councillors, with no "party" majority, and those councillors should be there to act for people in the whole of the council area they represent. Local councillors should not be putting first the interests of their political parties, the Borough Council, or the area immediately adjacent to where they live (rather the whole of their council area) as happens with our Lib Dem majority councillors currently.