Sunday, 7 December 2014

More on that Resignation

Following the news last week that Cllr Jenny Hughes had resigned from Hedge End Town Council and Eastleigh Borough Council, the plot deepened over the weekend. Another email arrived from Jenny in which she says:

"Thank you for your email. I was just wondering if you could publish a correct date for me. I resigned from council on the 28th November at 7:30am so am surprised to read that it was received and announced on the 2nd December, I feel that the cover up about when I resigned should be questioned. It also raises the question of how much control does Keith House have over Hedge End TC?"

So according to a Lib Dem insider, there was a cover up, and Cllr House has some kind of control over Hedge End Town Council. We need to bear in mind that he is leader of the local Lib Dems, and leader of the Borough Council, and leader of the Lib Dem group on the County Council, but on the Town Council the only formally elected role he holds is chair of the strategy and personnel committees. And the strategy committee has not met since October 2012.


  1. October 2012 .... hmmm. perhaps they don't have a strategy!

  2. I don't think it makes a great deal of difference in the overall scheme of things. 28 November is still inside 6 months of the date of the general election, 7 May 2015. That means the vacant seat can be co-opted and there is no requirement for a by-election. 2nd December was the date of the F&A meeting wasn't it, where these things are normally raised...?

    The best way of making sure that the date of the resignation is in the public domain, is to contact the local media and give them a statement about the resignation. Given that Councillors plead for our votes every four years and make all sorts of promises to win them, I think the public have a right to know why their Councillors are resigning. I'm disappointed that none of the Councillors who have resigned recently, haven't felt it necessary to do so.

    If any of the other Town Councillors are thinking of doing the same thing, I would be happy to hear from them.