Sunday, 12 June 2016

£24 million Botley bypass consultation

The Conservatives at Hampshire County Council have finally woken up and realised that building thousands of houses in the countryside around Boorley Green and Whitely will increase traffic through Botley and Hedge End. Botley already has an air quality problem, which is not helped by having a commercial vehicle test station on the edge of the village.

So the Tories' solution is to dust off the plans for the "historic" route for the Botley bypass through the countryside to the north of the village, make a couple of tweaks and slap them out for consultation.

There will be an exhibition about the plans in the Botley Centre on 21,22 and 25 June, and the consultation will run until 29 July.

It's important for Hedge End too because as you can see from the map, the proposed bypass goes to the north of Botley but seems to stop at the border of Hedge End. As nice as Hedge End is, I suspect most of the traffic from Boorley Green and Whitely will be wanting to get through Hedge End to the M27. There is no proposal to upgrade the roads through the residential areas of Hedge End to accommodate the additional traffic or mitigate the impact on people living along the route to the motorway.

Other concerns include:

There is no mention of provision for cyclists and pedestrians. The proposed route crosses the recently established cycleway from Hedge End to the outskirts of Botley at the Maypole roundabout, bringing cyclists into conflict with cars.

There is no mention of protecting or improving the priority biodiversity link along the route of the railway.

There is no mention of protecting Bottom Copse which is a site of interest for nature conservation threatened by plans to increase the width of Woodhouse Lane.

The details of the council exhibitions are:

Tuesday 21 June 2-7pm, Wednesday 22 June 2-7pm (Diamond Jubilee Hall); Saturday 25 June 1-4pm (Main Hall) at The Botley Centre, High Street, Botley, SO30 2ES.

More information is available on the Hampshire County Council web site:


  1. Long overdue, time to build an additional slip road on/off the M27 also. Whiteley is far too big and for years has pushed traffic into long queues on the motorway leading to motorists trying to bypass by cutting through Botley and Curdridge far too narrow and unable to cope. Should have been implemented years ago. When's it due for start/completion?

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