Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lobbying by Developers

Perhaps I am unduly suspicious, but professional lobbyists bring out the cynic in me.  So I was interested to learn that Hedge End Town Council has been approached by a lobbying consultant working for a consortium of landowners with interests in the area of the old Strategic Development Area N/NE of Hedge End which was to be the site of 6000 houses.  The SDA was partly in Eastleigh and partly in Winchester.

I looked up the consultant on his company's website and discovered that until recently he worked for Eastleigh and Winchester Lib Dem MPs Chris Huhne and Mark Oaten, and the unsuccessful Lib Dem candidate for Winchester Martin Tod.  He also claims that "He remains an active voice within the Liberal Democrats and has a considerable network of parliamentary and local party links to call upon."

1 comment:

  1. Lobbying is an interesting subject.

    I wouldn't want to lose the right to lobby my MP or Councillor as a private citizen, but when big business & commercial interests, i.e. money, is involved I don't think we've got sufficient rules, regulation, procedures, standards etc to make sure that bad things don't happen...