Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rose Bowl Parking in Hedge End

This evening Hedge End Town Council voted unanimously to kick out any overflow Rose Bowl parking on Greta Park or other recreation grounds in Hedge End.

What I found strange is that the motion was not on the published agenda, but introduced to the meeting by suspending standing orders during "Chairman's Remarks".  This clearly came as a surprise to our excellent Chair, Cllr Val Houghton, who was presiding over her last meeting and the Town Clerk.

I've tried to think why the Lib Dems chose to spring this decision on the meeting without notice and can only conclude that they did not want people to know in advance that the matter was going to be debated. 

Unless they want to trumpet the decision in their next election leaflet and couldn't wait for the April meeting.  If so it's a shame that they chose to embarrass the Chair and Clerk for party political reasons.

If you are going to make the right decision in the interest of the voters, why bend the rules to get there?


  1. Well I don't blame them for not announcing that the matter was going to be debated. It became an unsusually loud debate last year and as you say, there's another election looming.

    The key question though, is whether this unanimous vote will ultimately be sufficient to stop the idea. I recall you saying that Hedge End Town Council initially rejected the application from Domino's Pizza, but that was overturned on appeal. We now have big business trampling over the long-established local, independent, Pizza chappie.

    We will keep watching the Greta Park issue I think.

    I'm sure Hedge Enders could very easily raise the profile of this issue if we needed to do so...

  2. Mr Pizza produces the best takeaway pizzas I have ever tasted. I hope Hedge End people continue to support a unique independent in preference to a bland corporate chain.