Friday, 6 May 2011

Grange Park - A Magnet for Lib Dem Councillors?

Now we know the results of the Borough elections (if you don't you can find them on the Council's web site here.) an interesting phenomenon is revealed.  Of Hedge End's seven councillors representing three wards, no fewer than five live in Grange Park ward.  Neither of the Wildern councillors lives in that ward, and only Jane Welsh lives in St Johns.  Not a big deal, but I guess elections bring out the geek in me.

There's more of a spread among the newly elected Hedge End Town Council (Results and notice of uncontested wards here)  and the big news for me here is that I managed to break the Lib Dem monopoly and get elected as the sole Independent on the Council.   Thank you to everybody who voted for me, signed my nomination papers, sent encouraging emails, said nice things on the doorstep and shouted good wishes from their garden as I walked Jack, my dog. 

Two regrets came out of the Town Council count today.   One is that my fellow Independent in Grange Park ward, Jenny Schwausch, missed out by just sixteen votes.  The other is that my success meant that Lib Dem George Fraser was not elected.  George is probably the last local Lib Dem I would wish to see leave the council.  Sorry George, but that's politics I suppose.

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  1. Good to have you on the Town Council Keith, with your new independent hat on. Congratulations.