Thursday, 5 May 2011

Voting Today?

If you are reading this on Thursday and you haven't voted yet, please don't forget.  People suffered in the past and are suffering and dying in other countries for this simple right that we take for granted in Hedge End.  It's your Council Tax money that is going to be spent, why wouldn't you want a say in who spends it?

Polling stations are open until 10pm.

You don't need your polling card to vote.

If you have a postal vote that you haven't sent in yet, you can take it to the polling station today.

If you can't find your polling card and don't know where your polling station is, you can call the Eastleigh Borough Council election helpline on 023 8068 8110.

In Hedge End everybody has a vote in the Alternative Vote referendum and for our Borough Councillors.

Some people will also have a vote for their Town Councillors, but some of the wards are not being contested.  If you are uncertain about anything, ask the polling station staff.  They are there to help and are very happy to do so.


  1. Here here.

    I didn't know that you could take unreturned postal votes to the polling station Keith. Do you also need to take some sort of id with you..?

    How do the polling clerks tell that these votes are being cast by the people they have been assigned to...?

  2. Well, commiserations over the result.
    Whatever you decide to do politically, I hope you continue blogging.

  3. @TGR As far as I know the verification process for postal votes handed in on the day is the same as for those that arrive by post. The council has a signature on file from the postal vote application, and there has to be a matching signature on the statement that accompanies the envelope with the postal ballot.

    @Stephen Thanks. We did better in the election for Hedge End Town Council. Unfortunately Jenny missed out by 16 votes, but I was elected and will be the sole independent alongside 20 Lib Dems on the TC. I'm sure that will give me some blogging material!