Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Job for Cllr Keith House

Congratulations to Hedge End Town Councillor, Bursledon Parish Councillor, Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council and Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Hampshire County Council, Keith House on landing another job.

The Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors announced on Monday that he has been elected Lead Lib Dem Member of the Local Government Association's Environment and Housing Programme Board.

I thought I'd have a browse of the LGA's web site to see what this new role entails:

Programme board members

  • To actively engage with councils and groupings of councils to secure the views and involvement of the wider membership to inform the board’s priorities and policy lines and act as an advocate for the LG Group and its work.
  • To attend and actively participate in programme board meetings
  • To attend conferences and other events initiated by the programme board.
  • To read and understand all board papers in advance of the meeting, and to keep abreast of all developments locally and nationally in relation to the areas covered by the programme board.
  • Where required, to take responsibility for a specified portfolio and act as spokesperson
Knowledge and Experience

Programme board members may be portfolio holders for that policy area in their home authorities or have experience/knowledge of, and commitment to, the policy area(s) covered by the programme board.

Travel and expenses

This role will require attendances at meetings in London and in other parts of the country.
Travel and subsistence costs incurred in attending programme boards meetings should be met by the member’s home authority.

Current programme board members’ allowance:   £2,593
Expected time commitment:      up to 0.5 days per week


  1. Why have Eastleigh tax payers the financial burden of paying for this role? If Mr House wants to further extend his meglomania, let Lib Dem funds pay for it.

  2. Any news of Bunkers being built under the Civic Offices at Eastleigh, to keep Mr House safe when the Eastleigh spring arrives...?

  3. "If you want a job doing - give it to a busy man."