Monday, 8 August 2011

Secretive Lib Dems Threat to Hedge End Heritage

Botleigh Grange is a historical jewel in Hedge End's architectural crown, yet local Lib Dems voted in July to include the parkland (currently with grazing highland cattle) between the hotel and Grange Road as a possible location for development.
According to the Council, up to 135 houses or flats could be built on the last remnants of the historic deer park, completely obscuring the view of the historic house and destroying its character.  This, despite the parkland and the trees on the site being protected by existing legislation.
The Lib Dems say they need to find sites for a thousand more houses (in addition to those included in the current opinion survey) but have decreed that discussions about them be closed to the public and kept secret until they have decided which additional green fields will be sacrificed to development.
With the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition  deciding that "sustainable" development is more important than protecting the environment according to a recently published consultation, things look bad for our green fields.
There is a tradition that Oliver Cromwell stayed at Botleigh Grange in the seventeenth century.  Perhaps we need some of his spirit to save Hedge End's green spaces in the twenty-first!
These green fields are labelled HE5 on the Council's map of "small greenfield sites".


  1. When faced with a Council that seems to be a law unto itself, trampling all over our green spaces and not listening to such peaceful debate, one does wonder if some other form of protest is becoming necessary...?

    Perhaps I should don my Batman costume and superglue myself to the Council Offices...?

  2. Jenny Schwausch8 August 2011 at 22:21

    Yes please Mr Worzel.

  3. I'd love to see that TGR (I hope this does not constitute inciting antisocial behaviour online, or whatever the latest misdemeanour is called that could lead to the riot squad turning up outside my door)

  4. ROFL.

    Anybody remember Fred Estall turning up at the Council Offices with a wheelbarrow full of pennies, with which he paid his Council Tax arrears....?

    These stunts do usually attract some media attention.