Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Friday is Trafalgar Day

Let's mark this milestone day in Hedge End and have some fun at the same time with traditional English music.

The StGeorgeFest committee is laying on a ceilidh with dancing and live music by Jigfoot and shanty singing led by King John's Morris Men.

No previous experience is necessary.

Celebrations start at 8:00pm, Friday 21st October at the 2000 Centre, St Johns Road.  £6 a ticket, £15 for a family.

More details on facebook.

(Picture credit: RedCoat)


  1. Trafalgar day is also the Missus birthday - Sarah Horatia Slominski.
    (We will be hanging out the bunting and firing a 45 gun salute.)
    I used to know a Sue Hardy who claimed to be descendant of Victory skipper Captain Hardy and maintained that Nelson's actual dying words were:
    "Kismet Hardy,kismet"

  2. ... and anticipated a successful Broadway musical comedy.

  3. Stephen - What better way to celebrate your lady wife's birthday than by bringing her to a fun evening of lively dance and song. A special rendition to Mrs Slominski could be arranged and a great time guaranteed. P.S. Could we borrow the bunting and the gun please?

  4. That's a lovely idea Jenny, but the kids have got their own plans for her!
    My wife also shares her birthday with our next door neighbour and a close family friend whose middle name is ..wait for it..Nelson!

    Anyway, I am sure you will have a great evening.

    BTW. Did you guys know that Nelson's French opposite number,Admiral Villeneuve was taken as a POW and billeted at the 'Crown' at Bishops Waltham from where he was given leave to attend Nelson's state funeral?

  5. Didn't know that Stephen. Thanks..!