Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lib Dem Gravel Pit Tiff

Disagreements between local Lib Dem County Councillors burst into the open at October's meeting of Hedge End Town Council.

Reporting on Hampshire's recent decision to designate the old airfield at Hamble le Rice for gravel and sand extraction, Hedge End Town Councillor and County Member for West End and Grange Park, Bruce Tennent commented that if Eastleigh Lib Dems want to build nearly 10,000 houses over the next 15 years, the building materials have to come from somewhere.

Fellow Lib Dem heavyweights Louise Bloom and Keith House (County Member for Hamble) tried to get Bruce back on message, stating that the Hamble gravel and sand would not be used for houses, but for roads.

Bruce had the last word, pointing out that presumably the new houses would have to have roads leading to them.  (He could also have reminded his colleagues that the Lib Dem proposals include a by-pass for neighbouring Botley, which means additional road building.)

Cllr Helen Corben expressed sympathy for the residents of Hamble, a sentiment I am sure was shared by all Hedge End Town Councillors.  But it was strange that so much time was taken at a Hedge End Town Council meeting to discuss matters primarily concerning a nearby parish.  Perhaps an indication of where the Lib Dem leadership's priorities lie at the moment.


  1. Well it was Keith House who told the County council that the death of the SDA meant fewer houses would be built and therefore less gravel would be required so perhaps they could look elesewhere.

  2. Apologies for hijacking your blog as well as your Facebook page, but I think this is another good example of why it would be sensible to restrict the number of Councils that any one individual can serve on.

    The relevant e-petition, for anybody who hasn't found it yet and would like to consider this problem, is at

    Thanks Keith.

  3. No need to apologise TGR. I haven't signed your petition myself, but will be very interested how much support it gets.

    I have more of a problem when councillors sit on more than one council in the same tier (eg Botley parish and Hedge End Town, or Hedge End Town and Bursledon parish).

  4. OK Keith. I'm grateful for all signatures, but where people don't feel they can support the petition, for whatever reason, that's OK too.

    Thanks for considering it.