Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gingerbread House at The Berry

Hedge End families are in for a "delicious festive treat" this Christmas with a specially produced version of Hansel and Gretel being performed at The Berry for the two weeks from 12th December.

Professional actors, puppetry and music will combine to give an up to date twist to the traditional story, promised director Sarah Brigham at the official press launch on 1st November.

A creative collaboration with Hiccup Theatre, Peut-Etre and Unpacked theatre companies, the production has already generated an artistic buzz about The Berry which recalls the excitement of its opening back in April.  Stand up comics and film screenings might be easy ways to bring in the punters, but just the promise of live theatre brings the building to life. 

After a period in the summer when it looked like the Borough Council was neglecting its new theatre, it is also good to see new signs of continuing investment to keep the area around The Berry looking smart.  But it was disappointing that only one of Hedge End's 20 Lib Dem Town Councillors accepted the invitation to the press launch.  Well done Cllr Jenny Hughes.

A Hedge End family of four can see Hansel and Gretel for £32.  The Southampton Mayflower Christmas show would cost between £56 and £108 depending on dates and seats.  Add to that the costs of travel to Southampton, parking, and the hassle of avoiding Christmas shoppers and football traffic, and The Berry looks a very attractive proposition.

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