Monday, 14 November 2011

Hedge End - The Future?

Local Lib Dems' promises to "stand up against more building and even more traffic" in Hedge End will come under scrutiny on Tuesday 15th November.

Eastleigh Borough Council's Draft Local Plan  exhibition comes to the Village Hall in Hedge End between 2pm and 8pm.

Attention will doubtless focus on the huge housing developments for which Hedge End Lib Dem councillors have repeatedly voted.  The plan proposes 3,700 more houses in Hedge End and Botley - nearly 40% of the 9,400 proposed for the Borough as a whole.

The draft plan also provides for:
  • Two brand new roads at Botley and Sundays' Hill
  • "Improvements" to Woodhouse Lane, Kings Copse Avenue and Heath House Lane
  • A "green route" linking Hedge End to Eastleigh
  • "Regeneration" of parts of Hedge End village centre
  • "Traffic management" in Hedge End centre
  • New public open space in the north of Hedge End

The Council's "consultation"  runs until 3rd January, although Tuesday is the only date in Hedge End for the exhibition. 

More independent commentary on the consultation can be found at Eastleigh News and TGR Worzel's blog.


  1. There was a one day public consultation/exhibition on the Travelodge hotel currently being built on Station Hill.
    It was in Wessex House due to finish at 4 pm. I left it til the end because I wanted to ask how many had attended but when I got there at 3.45 - they had already packed up and gone!
    So I never got to see the model have my say.

    This current consultation invites you to comment on it by identifying the policy no:/paragraph you which you wish to comment on. Each policy/paragraph you wish to comment must to have a separate form submitted ( you have to fill out your contact details each time too) The draft plan is over is 250 pages long so if you wanted to reject it all for example you will have a considerable amount of paperwork ahead of you.
    I guess most people will concentrate on objecting to the paragraph that concerns them the most.
    It's almost as if they are making it difficult for people to reject the plan.

  2. I went to the Hedge End exhibition at about 6:30. There were 20+ people there. I understand that it was "quite busy" all day.