Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lily's Fate Still Uncertain

Town Council Has No Powers To Save These Trees 
 Lib Dems No to TPO

Hedge End residents are still concerned by Lib Dem Eastleigh Borough Council's refusal to confirm a Tree Preservation Order on a group of much-loved trees outside the Village Hall.  The laburnum in particular is under threat because its seeds are perceived to be a risk to children attending the Village Hall Pre-School.  Eastleigh's decision is in contrast to New Forest District Council which recently took a much stronger line in protecting a walnut tree under similar circumstances.

Town Council Cannot Act

In response to local residents' concerns I asked for a formal re-statement of Hedge End Town Council's position at February's Finance and Administration Committee.  It was made clear that the Town Council's June 2011 resolution (which urged the Village Hall Management Committee and Pre-School to find a play area that does not involve felling a mature tree) still holds.  However, the Town Council does not own the Village Hall land, has no formal jurisdiction over it, and has not been informed of any new plans that the Pre-School and Management Committee might have.

If their plans require planning permission, the Town Council will be consulted, but the decision will be made at Eastleigh.  Until then, Lily's future is in the balance.

March Finance and Administration Committee

The F&A Committee meets again on Thursday March 8th.  On the agenda this time are:

A bid to apply for Government funding as a "Portas Pilot", which has already been reported by Ray Turner on Eastleigh News.

Decisions on tenders for the construction of new grounds staff facilities at Pavilion Road.  Due to the complexity and scale of the tenders those of us who are committee members will have a special briefing starting at 5:15 before the formal meeting starts at 7:00.

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