Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is Lily Laburnum Still Safe?

Borough Council Refused to Protect These Trees 
A number of Hedge End people have asked me recently what is happening about plans to convert this green space outside the Village Hall to a children's play area.  In June last year, the Town Council agreed with my resolution to protect the attractive laburnum tree, named Lily by campaigners, from felling and urged the Village Hall Management Committee and Pre-School to find a solution for their children which does not involve killing mature trees.

In the meantime local campaigners have been disappointed that Eastleigh Borough Council did not see fit to confirm a tree preservation order which would have given Lily a degree of formal protection.   Campaigners in favour of the tree are now understandably concerned that public opinion is once again the only defence against the original plans to cut Lily down.  Communities across the country are planting trees to celebrate the Royal Jubilee.  It would be tragic if Hedge End was to go the other way and cut down a tree in Jubilee year.

Clarification is needed, and I have asked for an update at Thursday's Finance and Administration Committee.

The committee will also approve the Town Council's monthly expenditure, receive an update on the new storage building for grounds maintenance equipment at Pavilion Road, and discuss leasing arrangements with the St Luke's Pharmacy.


  1. Well done Keith, Please do not let them cut anymore trees down. Last year EBC cut down 372 trees in the Borough. Enough is Enough.!!

  2. Keith, this Laburnum is more than attractive. In full glorious flower, with the May sunshine streaming down and brightening its masses of golden yellow flowers, it is positively beautiful. Against the background of a tranquil park and village hall, all that's missing is the crack of red leather ball on cricket bat and the gentle bubbling of some mildly intoxicating beverage.