Thursday, 23 February 2012

Crime Figures Point Downwards

Sign points downwards too 
High profile police initiatives are having a positive impact on crime in Hedge End according to a report to this month's Town Council meeting.

Overall crime in the area is down 21%.

Vehicle crime is down 44%.

Violent crime is down 7%.

Criminal damage is down 41%.

The local detection rate is 38% compared to a Hampshire Police Service guideline of 25%.

These improvements are attributed to proactive policing projects such as Operation Nemesis, which has been concentrating on known burglars across Hampshire.

In his report Sgt Mark O'Hanlon reassured councillors and members of the public that the lighter evenings will see renewed attention to antisocial car use in Hedge End's retail parks, and that the Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be holding more surgeries at the library and Sainsbury / Marks and Spencer.  Dates and times will be posted on the Hampshire Constabulary web site.

Responding to a question about the imminent closure of the front desk at Hedge End police station, Sgt O'Hanlon informed councillors that a contact pad at the door would connect directly with the control room in the case of emergency, and if an officer was in the station, they would be notified.  It will be made easier to contact the local police team online if it is not an emergency, and the police will be making home visits to local residents who are "regulars" at the station.  The station will continue to be operational and staffed, it will just no longer be possible to turn up without an appointment and speak to somebody on the desk (something that was relatively uncommon in any case).

Other questions referred to speeding in Maunsell Way, obstructive parking in Woodhouse Lane, antisocial behaviour in Stubbs Drove / Willow Close.

Hedge End Police are now on Twitter and can be contacted by email at

The Hampshire Police Authority announced earlier this month that the policing component of council tax for 2012/13 will be frozen at last year's level.  Despite qualifying for a central government grant of £3 million to compensate for the frozen council tax, the Police Authority will still have to find £20 million in savings.

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