Sunday, 12 February 2012

Shamblehurst By-Election Goes Digital

Democracy in Hedge End is starting to embrace the internet!  Three of the four candidates in the March 1st by-election have agreed to answer a short questionnaire and provide a short online election address to Hedge End Blogger.

The questions are intended to reveal something about the candidates themselves and what they think they can bring to the Town Council, and what they think about Hedge End and its future.

I hope to have responses from the three candidates by the end of the week.   In fact, I am hoping that there will be a change of mind on the part of the only candidate who has declined my invitation so far, and that all four will have agreed to participate by the end of the week. 

The four candidates are (in alphabetical order of first name for a change):

Michale Steven O'Donoghue of Melbourne Gardens (UKIP)

Paul Redding of Newcliffe Gardens (Conservative Party)

Raymond Ronald Turner of Newcliffe Gardens (Independent)

Richard Sean Effeny of Walker Gardens (Liberal Democrat)

Previous posts on this subject are: "By-Election Looms" and "Shamblehurst By-Election Date Set"

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  1. Looks like Newcliffe Gardens is a hotbed of political activity!:-)