Tuesday, 10 January 2012

By-Election Looms

Following the resignation before Christmas of Lib Dem Town Councillor David Humby, the Conservatives have stated that they have collected the necessary signatures from local residents to call for a by-election in Shamblehurst Ward.

It looks as if the Tories are better organised in Hedge End than they were in May last year when they failed to put up a single candidate in the Town Council elections.

The Lib Dems could only put up a full slate of candidates in May by pulling in members from West End and Botley.  Will they find a Hedge End candidate this time round? 

Labour are another party which failed to put up candidates for the Town Council in May, and they seemed to have problems finding local candidates for the Borough elections as well.  Has Ed Milliband's leadership inspired any Hedge End Labour supporters to stand for the Town Council?

UKIP did put up a candidate in May, so it is likely they will want to contest this by-election.

And then there is the possibility that a non-partisan resident might stand as an independent to represent Hedge End rather than a party's interests.


  1. Yes it's true Keith Hedge End Conservatives do now have a well oiled machine, thanks again to our supporters in the Ward of Shamblehurst for thier speedy support to force this otherwise uncontested seat, it seems that no other likely candidate knew what needed to be done, but I understand that, as the Town Council had slightly missled things in thier statement of what needed to be done. I too hope that we have more people interested in local issues, that will step out of the shadows and become candidates. Does anyone know why Cllr' Humby resigned?

  2. Its intriguing why the Town Council didn't promote the method that you've used to acquire signatures Paul. Their public notices only made reference to electors writing individually to the Returning Officer.

    There's no reference that I could see on the HETC website, to the approach that you have used, a petition...

    I've Emailed the Town Clerk to suggest that a lot more information about this process of forcing a by-election, and the alternative ways of doing it, is needed on the HETC website.

  3. Ex-Cllr Humby resigned because he didn't want to be a Councillor in the first place and allowed himself to be co-erced into it by LD heavies. More fool him.

  4. Interesting you say that Anonymous, Surely you’re not suggesting that Mr Humby was press ganged into it? should that be the case I have to say it's a real shame as it stops genuine candidates that do care about the local community and decisions made within it, you need people that will put the effort in to be a successful Councillor, we do need other party members on the Council, we have Keith Day as an Independent which is great, but having seen the Town Council make decisions I do feel we need a better spread. An example would be Keith might say no, and the 20 Liberal Democrats say yes! It means that the political party line could more than influence the decision rather than individuals making the proper informed decision based on real facts for the area; I'd be interested if there are others that share any of my feelings? Should Mr Humby have been co-erced as you suggest, just a thought, could he have been influenced to make decisions within his term of office?

    1. Yes. The problem is that there isn't enough opposition on the Council.

      I know that the parties all dream of achieving a whitewash where there is no opposition and they can essentially do what they like, but opposition is actually a very important part of our democracy and we're missing that in Hedge End at the moment.

      And I'd say that whichever of the parties had achieved the situation that the Lib Dems currently have in Hedge End. I'm not being explicitly anti Lib-Dem here. I'm anti large majority...!

      So we desperately need a few more non Lib-Dems on HETC at the moment.

      The Lib Dems, if they've got any sense, would realise that too...

  5. It's not only Hedge End that lacks effective opposition - it's the entire Borough. The result of an overwhelming dominance by a single party is appalling piss-taking attendances at council meetings like this: