Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Street Snooker - Town Council Consults

Street snooker outside the Crucible

Whatever happened to jumpers for goalposts?  Street Snooker could be coming to a recreation ground in Hedge End.   The Town Council is consulting on whether to install one or more of these new games, which have recently been featured on BBC TV.

From a personal point of view I have concerns about how much they would really be used and for how long after the initial novelty wears off, and about the visual impact of a bright green wall on people who use our recs for informal leisure and relaxation, and whose houses overlook the rec.  Greta Park, Turnpike Way and Dowd's Farm Park have been mentioned as possible locations.

Details of the consultation are on the Town Council web site - here -, and I do hope that as many people as possible make their views known to the Council and their Councillors so that we can make an informed decision on how to spend your money.

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Picture credit - zawtowers


  1. The problem is that every time HETC introduces something new like this, we add to the list of things that have to be maintained and replaced.

    I think we've got to think longer-term and maybe say no to some of these ideas.

    The Culture and Community committee recently said no to the idea of new power points for the Xmas lights. That really did seem to be money that we shouldn't be spending, so I felt they'd made the right decision. Well done.

    This "Street Snooker" fad falls into the same category. We don't need it. It is a fad. There's plenty of recreational equipment around Hedge End already, for people of all ages.

    With the possible exception of swings etc for the littlest children, I'd say it is time to stop adding to our inventory of recreational equipment.

    HETC shouldn't be spending money on these ideas just for the sake of being seen to do something. Doing something that looks good on the front cover of Standpoint or in the Gazette...

    I think HETC will get just as much credit for being seen to say "No" and for being responsible with our Council Tax...

  2. I understand where you are coming from on this. One of the counter-arguments in favour of some kind of "sports wall" (not necessarily a street snooker one) in Greta Park and Turnpike Way is that they would discourage informal football being played against the changing rooms and pavilion, which in itself causes additional wear and tear and avoidable maintenance costs.

  3. I don't think its that easy to discourage informal football. It will still happen even if the sports wall was installed.

    If the walls of the changing rooms and pavillion are accessible, people will still kick footballs against them. That's cast-iron guaranteed...

    Didn't we see something similar happen at Itchen Valley Country Park, with that Go Ape project. I'm sure I read about it somewhere.

    If I remember correctly, when Go Ape was in the planning stage, there was optimism that people would stick to the purpose built trails and the surrounding greenery would not be damaged. The project was approved on that basis. Needless to say, it didn't work out like that in practice...

  4. Residents around Greta Park get quite a lot of 'user' noise from the equipment already in place. Although, traditionally, snooker is a quiet sport, will it be in this situation and on a wall? Who is it aimed at: youngsters who play animated games on their computers and Wii's or OAP's who are going to stagger into the park on their simmer frames? Has this been thought through or is it another tickbox addition for the HETC?

  5. You're right BT Way: Greta Park is right in the middle of some fairly dense housing and the council needs to keep the noise impact in mind when deciding where to position these walls (if they go ahead).

    The whole proposal is still in the process of being thought through - part of the consultation is to identify if there is a demand for these things and from which section of the community.