Monday, 16 January 2012

Shamblehurst By-Election Date Set

The by-election caused by the resignation of Lib Dem Cllr David Humby after only eight months of his four year term will take place on 1st March.   The date was confirmed at the 12th January meeting of the Town Council Finance and Administration Committee.

The Town Council will foot the bill for the by-election, which is estimated to be in the region of three to four thousand pounds.  Polling will take place at St Luke's Church on St David's Day, but as was pointed out by Cllr Keith House at the meeting, postal votes are likely to be key to electoral success.

Turnout for parish / town council by-elections is usually very low.   Electors who apply to vote postally show that they are more likely to vote than not.  It will therefore be in the interest of candidates to make sure they get their messages out before the postal voting slips are delivered.


  1. 1st March it is then...

    Do we know when nomination papers are available and what the closing date is...?

  2. Eastleigh usually publish a timetable when the election is formally declared. The general rule for the closing date is 12 noon on the 19th working day before polling.

    I understand that nomination papers will be available from the Town Council offices, but have to be delivered to the Borough Civic Offices.

  3. So if polling day is 1st March, by my calculation the 19th working day before polling is the 3rd February...?

    So not long to get this done then, if the election is formally declared on 27th January...?

  4. There was no announcement at the Town Council yesterday. I guess that means the Town Clerk is still waiting for the formal announcement by Eastleigh.

  5. Yes, I was also surprised that there was no mention of this at the Town Council meeting. I'd have thought it fairly significant. Surprised it wasn't mentioned in the Chairmans remarks actually.

    Anyway, I did ask the Town Clerk about this after the meeting and he's given me all the help that he possibly can. Thanks Kevin.

    The closing date for requesting the election is 26th Jan, so it seems we've got to wait until then for the formal announcement.