Monday, 18 June 2012

Good Things the Council Does

Bloomin' Marvellous 
Hedge End Blogger has recently come in for some behind the scenes criticism from senior Lib Dem councillors for being too negative, and for concentrating on the petty, trivial and personal.

As it happens the Borough Council geranium planters have just reappeared in the village centre, and when in full bloom they certainly cheer things up and take drivers' minds off the condition of the road surface (I'm allowed to say that, because that's the fault of Conservative Hampshire County Council).

And that's just one of many positive things the Borough and Town Council have done in the last year:  there's also the preservation of a youth service at The Box and the protection of opening hours at the library - both in the face of Conservative cuts - the Berry Theatre and support for the Rose Ageas Bowl.

In fact last Monday's meeting of the HEWEB Local Area Committee formally agreed the Chair's annual report which detailed all the Hedge End projects, large and small, that the Borough Council has funded or assisted:

£12,000 on fitting out and equipment for the Berry Theatre
£54,000 on the digital projector and screen at the Berry Theatre
£22,000 to underwrite the Berry launch costs and first season
£52,750 contribution to the Town Council's skateboard project
£7,300 on pedestrian safe routes around Shamblehurst Lane / Charterhouse Way
£3,000 contribution to Hedge End Bowling Club's new changing facilities
£1,200 to resolve low lighting levels on route from Maunsell Way to station adjacent to Beattie Rise
£21,942 on crossing points for pedestrians on Turnpike Way
£400 for Hedge End Indoor Bowls Club to promote community participation
£5,250 annual subsidy for Hedge End Teenage Drop-In Centre
£6,500 to manage removal of traveller encampment at Dowd's Farm Park
£45,000 to extend Dowd's Farm Park play area
£17,000 for Dowd's Farm Park Youth Zone
£5,000 for minor works at Dowd's Farm Park
£350,000 to fund renovation of Dowd's Farmhouse
£7,600 for new 30mph signs in Upper Northam Road
£22,800 for new equipment to counteract County Council library service cuts
£13,500 contribution to youth worker's salary to counteract County Council cuts
£2,000 on running costs for Street Talk minibus
£4,600 to keep The Box open in the face of County Council cuts
£18,300 on road improvements near Kings Copse School
£85,000 on community use facilities at Kings Copse School
£47,000 on community use facilities at Wildern School
£2,000 sponsorship of the Berry pantomime
£1,500 for new boardwalk at Aspen Close
£8,000 for residents parking area in Ratcliffe Road
£3,000 to address parking problems in Allen Road
£5,000 for new footpath/cycleway from Nelson Gardens to Maunsell Way



  1. The behind the scenes criticism, which others have encountered too, isn't terribly fair of the Lib Dems.

    Part of the reason for their strength locally is that the Lib Dems have managed to brainwash citizens into thinking that the Lib Dems are OK, by presenting a mainly positive image. Not just in Standpoint but everywhere...

    There needs to be some sort of oppostion in Hedge End and Eastleigh. Can't let the Lib Dems have it entirely their own way, with a massive majority. The cock-ups and conspiracies need to be highlighted as well as the good things that they do...

  2. If the Lib Dems are criticising this blog could they

    (a) Do it publicly on these pages
    (b) Point out any inaccuracies to share with the readers

    Bully people seems to be becoming something of a Lib Dem trait and is not edifying - even for politicians.

  3. If there is anything I write which is not true or fair comment, I would welcome it if the Lib Dems were to point it out.

    I don't think I would describe their actions as bullying, though. They certainly haven't gone so far as to follow me home with a video camera!

  4. I really wouldn't inclined to spend too much time worrying about whether your posts are balanced or not.
    I certainly don't worry about mine.
    The fact is I see your blog as a valuable and much needed antidote to council bullshit.
    There is already plenty of positive spin - with NO room for discussion or debate I should add - in the Borough News, the council website and Eastleigh News Extra not to mention the LDs own newsletters.
    Yep,they are pretty good at blowing their own trumpet and they certainly don't need you to join in.
    Someone once defined news as "Stuff people don't want you to know".
    That's the kind of thing I want to read here!
    So don't take any notice of them Keith - they want it all their own way ...keep up the good work!

  5. I would also add then when issues are raised at public meetings they are not prepared to discuss them or take ANY criticism on board. In fact Councillors become rude and defensive. See are limited.

    1. The Lib Dem Councillors don't like criticism, and they certainly don't like it being minuted (or reported) because it can be used against them at election time. Their strategy is to use every trick in the book to suppress or deflect criticism...

      But all of the parties tend to do that. Its not unique to the Lib Dems.

      We tend to associate it only with the Lib Dems here in Hedge End and Eastleigh because they have aplied that strategy so successfully that they've locked everybody else out...