Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lib Dems: Why Can't They Be Honest?

Not Smiling Now.. 
I had a rather depressing conversation today with somebody whose property is going to be blighted by one of the new development locations our Lib Dem Council are trying to sneak in to the Draft Local Plan after the full consultation closed.

The proposals will completely change the character and environment of where he lives and has lived for 14 years.   But the thing he found most difficult to understand was that if I hadn't informed him, he would have had no idea what was being proposed for the land near to his property.  He has had 14 years of Lib Dems stuffing their Focus and Standpoint leaflets through his letter box, but when they want to do something that is going to affect his life and happiness, none of them, not one of his Lib Dem Borough Councillors, has had the common human decency to warn him and give him a chance to comment on the plans.

I hated to be the bearer of bad news, but he was actually grateful that he had found out about the Lib Dem plans and how to comment on them before the consultation closed and it was too late.

Lib Dem Broken Promise 2012
The Lib Dems, in their rather pious way, will no doubt dismiss his objections and those of his neighbours as "NIMBYism", and my intervention as "petty, trivial and personal", but the serious point here is that the Council's rather pitiful attempts to publicise the second round of consultations on the Draft Local Plan have been inadequate and have not reached the very people who are most likely to want to comment.

The consultation needs to be extended beyond July 13th, and all those families who live close enough to one of the new development sites to be directly affected should have an individual invitation to comment delivered through their door.

Lib Dem Broken Promise 2011
 Link to Eastleigh Bourough Council web site:  "Consultations and Latest News"


  1. Oh man… How did I ever not read your articles before? Do you write articles on only this topic or do you write on many others as well. How and where can I find your articles so that I read them and gain the knowledge on the same, because I just love the way you write.

  2. The Eastleigh MP, Chris Huhne, lied (about many things); the Lib Dems nationally lied (about many things - particularly tuition fees) and now the local party shows similar traits. Lib Dems are not trustworthy.

  3. The purpose of the consultation, it seems, is to allow the Borough Council to tick the box to say that they have held a public consultation.

    They'll cherry pick the few comments that are convenient to their master plan, but tend to ignore all the objections.

    I think we ought to change the Borough Council's motto, from Salus Populi Suprema Lex ("The Welfare of the People is the most important Law") to "Resistance is useless..."