Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Domino Effect: Late Night Pizza Parties in Hedge End?

A Domino's Juggernaut 
To the shock and surprise of residents near Hedge End's St John's Centre, Domino's Pizza is planning to stay open until three in the morning seven days a week, and has applied to Eastleigh Borough Council for a licence to do so.
When Domino's applied for planning permission in 2010, they were turned down by the Council who wanted to preserve a higher proportion of retail premises in the centre of Hedge End.  That decision was overturned by the central Government inspector, but with the condition that "The use hereby permitted shall not undertake any cooking or be open to customers outside the hours 09:00 to 23:00 on any day."

They are now seeking to undermine that condition, not via the planning system, but through licensing.  They are also doing it in August, a favourite month to sneak through unpopular changes as most people are thinking about summer holidays and not scanning the public notices sections of newspapers or council web sites.

Let's hope the council licensing team take into account that the centre of Hedge End is a residential area with children who have to get up for school, and with people who have to get up for work in the morning.  They don't want the noise of delivery motorbikes and cars, or gangs of people on their way home from pubs and clubs hanging around buying pizza until three in the morning.

People wishing to support or object to the licence application have until 7th September to do so in writing.

Details of how to object are on the Council's web site: here.

The reference number for the licence application is 2012/00394/05EPRN.

The Eastleigh branch of Domino's has applied for a similar licence.


  1. Bout time Hedge End was livened up - just what we want.

    Give the Barleycorn extended opening hours, Hedge End could be a happening place.

  2. I remember the Saturday/Sunday mornings after the night before at the old Fountain pub, before it was knocked down and houses built on the site.

    Its quite a nice development actually, but I digress..

    The Saturday/Sunday morning stroll down St Johns Road to the shops usually required me to step over piles of vomit, broken glass and other debris.

    Hedge End doesn't need livening-up thanks Anon. Lets keep the late bus into Southampton: I'm sure there's plenty to do in Town...!

  3. Crikey is the Fountain gone?
    When did that happen?

  4. Oh do keep up old boy. Things get knocked down and built around here faster than you can say national planning policy framework.