Friday, 3 August 2012

Where Have All the Lib Dems Gone?

National and Local Decline 
National membership of the Lib Dems has fallen to below 49,000 (a slump of 25% in twelve months from 2010-2011).  In the same period, Labour membership has remained more or less static after a big increase in the previous year, and (although figures for actual Conservative membership are not available) the Tories report a drop in income from membership of 16%.

In the last two local elections, Hedge End and Eastleigh Lib Dems have bucked the national trend which has seen over a thousand Lib Dem councillors kicked out, and the lowest number of council seats in the party's history.

But Eastleigh Lib Dems are not immune to the drastic exodus of disillusioned members and betrayed activists.  According to its annual report filed with the Electoral Commission, they are losing members faster than the national party.  Between 2010 and 2011, 84 out of 297 local party loyalists voted with their feet, a collapse in membership of 28% compared with 25% nationally.

Lib Dem Dead Bird Graphic:

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