Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hedge End Councillors Hold On Against UKIP

In Eastleigh it takes a Hedge End Town Councillor to beat UKIP. At last week's County Council elections, UKIP surprised their opponents by snatching three Eastleigh divisions from the Lib Dems. Only where the Lib Dem candidate was also a Hedge End Councillor did the Lib Dems hold on with much reduced majorities.

In Hamble Cllr Keith House saw his 1,300 majority in 2009 reduced to just 540.

In Grange Park and West End Cllr Bruce Tennant's margin fell from nearly 1,000 to less than 300.

Hedge End and Botley returned Cllr Rupert Kyrle by a mere 150 (down from 600 in 2009).

In all three of the divisions held by Lib Dems, UKIP are now the closest challengers. Apart from in Chandlers Ford the Conservatives were third in Eastleigh, in some cases a distant third.

The Tories tried to ridicule the UKIP candidates, the Lib Dems tried to ignore them. Neither tactic worked in Eastleigh.

Outside Eastleigh the Conservatives did enough to retain control of the council, but the Lib Dem group was reduced by a third from 25 to 17. UKIP have ten councillors, Labour four and there are two independents. The Greens' share of the vote would have been enough to give them one or two councillors under a purely proportional system.

So it's no real change in Hedge End: same party in control and same two opposition councillors representing us. But the Lib Dems in Eastleigh are clearly vulnerable now. They are no longer safe in what was one of their safest councils.

You can see the full results for Hampshire here, and the Eastleigh News report here.

As an interesting footnote, there are now 20 independent or other non-party councillors on the Isle of Wight, and the outgoing leader of the council was ousted by his independent challenger.


  1. At last - the stranglehold of the Lib Dems has been loosened. It will be better for Eastleigh Borough to have a more balanced cross section of representation on the Council. At present, a Council full of Lib Dem 'yes men' bowing to their leader's wishes, is NOT democracy in action.

    1. Well said U kipped....

      My objection has always tended to learn more towards the unhealthy dynamics of the Lib Dems stranglehold in Hedge End and Eastleigh, rather than the Lib Dems themselves, many of whom I've regarded as essentially decent (but misguided) people.

      However, because the Lib Dems told me my Council tax was frozen when it turned out not to be, something that it appears they can get away with if they have a large majority, I have recently shifted to a less charitable position...!

  2. After 40 years of having our jobs stolen by a succession of EU-globalist Conservative and Labour governments, the British people are now reacting.

    Since 1973 more than 5 million British manufacturing jobs have been exchanged for allegedly "cheap" foreign goods.

    To cap it all, in 2004 our borders were opened to unlimited cheap EU labour which has been further devastating our service base.

    As if that was not enough, in January David Cameron will open our borders to unlimited immigration of cheap labour from Bulgaria and Rumania.

    The price we have paid for "cheap" foreign labour, has been enormous: Lost jobs, lost wealth creation, lost prosperity, lost confidence, lost peace of mind and lost national pride.

    The British people want it all back and they see UKIP as the means to that end.

    There can hardly be a person in the land who has not

    1. I do wonder what UKIP's new Hampshire county councillors are going to do about the problems you perceive Pete. I hope they won't be like UKIP's MEPs - who don't seem to do much apart from claim their expenses.

  3. Hello Keith,

    You ask what UKIP Councillors LOCALLY can do for Britain's problems NATIONALLY?

    I ask, what can the foundations of any great building do for the roof?

    Two weeks ago the foundations of the great UKIP building were completed. Now, brick by brick, floor by floor, it is being being built inexorably upwards, by the great British people.

    Next year, in the Borough and EU elections, it will take shape.

    In the General Election of 2015, the first rafters will be laid. Then, your question will be answered and everybody will understand the importance of the 10 UKIP Hampshire County Councillors and UKIP MEPs.