Thursday, 9 May 2013

The State of the Parties in Hedge End

Here's a bar chart you probably won't see in the next Lib Dem leaflet to drop through your door. It shows the change in support for the parties in Hedge End and Botley since the County Council Elections in 2009.

The Lib Dem candidate, Rupert Kyrle, had the advantage of a year's free publicity as Mayor of Eastleigh, voted against the party whip to oppose the development of Boorley Green, is a conscientious and hard working councillor, but his vote was still down 12%.

Since 2009 the Lib Dems have lost over 1300 councillors and lost control of 15 councils nationwide. With the loss of three county councillors in Eastleigh divisions, it looks as if local Lib Dems are no longer immune to the poisoning of their party brand that has been affecting their support nationally.


  1. Lib Dems and Cons are both significantly down.

    Is that simply the price of being in coalition, or because of their ineptitude at local level...?

  2. The County Council results in Eastleigh are a bad omen for Conservatives.

    2009 2013 Votes +/- % +/-

    UKIP 4,987 10,425 5,438 109%
    Lab 2,127 2,444 317 15%
    Total Gains .............................. 5,755

    CON 11,762 6,662 (5,100) (43%)
    LibDem 16,511 11,454 (5,057) (31%)
    Total Losses .............................(10,157)

    Net Abstentions .......................... (4,402)

    1) UKIP's growth is undeniable: 2nd place by only 1,030 votes, 3 County Council seats and a growth of 109% in 4 years. A political revolution is underway and UKIP's core policies are resonating with voters.

    2) The CONSERVATIVE vote collapsed by 43%. Despite all their hard work, activists in Eastleigh have been rewarded by failure and BETRAYAL at the hands of their anti-Conservative, EU-puppet leaders who hold them in contempt as "SWIVEL EYED LOONS" because they want to oppose the anti-Conservative orthodoxy.

    Next year, the local elections coincide with the EU elections and UKIP normally gains significantly when these two elections are held around the same time.

  3. Oops! Looks like the table text has flowed together. Any way of rectifying Keith?

  4. Sorry Pete. I can only delete comments, not edit them.