Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Badger Friendly Councillor

Hedge End's county councillor Rupert Kyrle wants to save Hampshire badgers. His motion before council on Thursday 19th September would ban DEFRA's hired guns from extending their cull onto land owned by the county council.

"Noting the start of the badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire and the possibility that DEFRA may roll out the badger cull across the rest of the UK, Hampshire County Council agrees not to allow the badger cull to take place on any of its county owned or leased land, given that the science is not proven nor conclusive that a cull of badgers is the answer to eradicating Bovine TB from the countryside. 

HCC agrees that more research should be undertaken by Government and the scientific community to find more effective and cheaper vaccinations for badgers and cattle to help eradicate this terrible and costly disease from the countryside: the Government’s policy is based on results from the randomised badger culling trial (RBCT) and agreed by a panel of scientists which stated that based on an average of five years’ culling plus a 4 year post cull period over an area of 150km2, the incidences of Bovine TB in that area could be expected to reduce by a mere average of 16% and HCC further agrees that this is not a good enough reason to warrant the culling and potential eradication of any species from our countryside, especially as there are other species of animals, including cattle, which are known to spread the disease."

It's a good motion, although it could mention that the Coalition cull is not bothering to examine the shot animals to determine if they had TB in the first place, so they will not know how many badgers will have been sacrificed for no reason at all.

Unfortunately Lib Dems don't have a good voting record on this issue. In June MPs had the chance to stop the cull, but most Lib Dems chose to follow their Tory colleagues and let the wildlife massacre go ahead. 

Update Thursday 19th September: Other county councillors reported today that Rupert's motion was passed.

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  1. Well - what a surprise. Backbone, the Lib Dems have none but reneging - they are past masters. Oh, and kowtowing to the Tories of course. Nick Clegg is a tart (see LD conference coverage) desperately offering to get into bed with anyone who wants them. News for you Mr Clegg and all your little lackeys - no one wants you. We all know you have the pox.

    BTW, I don't think the badgers should be culled in this manner - let down by the LDs again.