Thursday, 19 September 2013

Town Councillor Seriously Ill

It was announced at Town Council on Wednesday that Cllr June Watson is seriously ill. June has a long and respected record of service to Hedge End. She was Chair of Hedge End Parish Council in 1987 and Mayor of Eastleigh in 1995. We wish her well.

Her fellow Lib Dems voted to grant her indefinite leave of absence. This means she will not lose her place as one of Wildern ward's town councillors if her illness prevents her attending for six months.

Picture credit: Hedge End Town Council


  1. Really...?

    I wish her well too, but realistically I would have thought it was time for Cllr Watson to step down.

    I'm also surprised that the Town Council have it in their power to grant an "indefinite leave of absence". The electorate need to be represented. Looks like another Lib Dem stitch-up to me...

    When are the Town Council elections. Next year or 2015..?

  2. Well the Local Government Act 1972 allows for the Council to approve the reason for a member's absence. If it is done before the six month period from the start of their absence expires, the member does not cease to be a member at the end of the six month period.

    Town Council elections are due in 2015 I think.

  3. The LibDems are running scared of a by election after their poor results at the County elections last year. The cracks are set to widen.............

  4. I'm sure we have had some Hedge End borough cllrs go awol for six months before..