Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Developers Annexe Hedge End Grass Verge

Linden Homes are allowing their contractors to use the grass verge along Turnpike Way as a convenient car park, unloading yard and general extension of their development site. Contractors including Kamm Civil Engineering, Reywell Daggert and SSE have been parking their cars, vans, trucks and other equipment on ground that is getting softer with the recent rain.

According to the site plan at the entrance to the development there is a car park off the road that they should be using. The grass verge is a public amenity, does not belong to Linden Homes and they have no right to use it in this antisocial way.

This was confirmed by the leader of Eastleigh Borough Council and member of Hedge End Town Council, Cllr Keith House, when Cllr Jenny Hughes and I raised it as an issue at September's meeting of the Town Council. Cllr House said he would "chase it". That was back on 18 September. These photos were taken on 2 October.

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  1. I thought the Council voted against using Greta Park as a car park? Why are they allowing this unofficial car park to go unchecked? Has Cllr Jenny Hughes actually attended a meeting to express views against this? She normally doesn't bother to attend.