Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fury as Lib Dems Jump the Gun

Eastleigh Lib Dems' local plan consultation got off to a dodgy start this evening. Despite advertising a meeting to start at 7:00pm (see extract from Autumn Borough News, left), Eastleigh Lib Dems decided to kick off soon after 6:00pm.

There has been criticism of previous consultations that they were not adequately publicised. It's a major own goal when the Lib Dems contrive to make their own house publication inaccurate and untrustworthy.

A Hedge End resident who wanted to speak at tonight's meeting was furious that they had been deprived of the opportunity because they believed what was in Borough News and so turned up too late. They told me they felt the democratic credentials of the consultation process had been questioned by the council cock up. So much for Lib Dem transparency when residents are told to turn up when most of the debate was over.


  1. As mentioned in a previous comment to the Eastleigh News: I think the early start was a deliberate, calculated and cynical move by the Lib Dems. so that residents were unable to express their views. Democracy in action - I don't think so.

    Remember this when it's time to vote. Lib Dems do not want to hear your views if it doesn't exactly coincide with theirs!

  2. I turned up a 5pm....just to make sure I got heard. The whole process is a joke. Although I loved the way Cllr House alluded to the people wanting this development as they got elected whilst the Conservatives came 3rd.

    1. Cllr House failed to mention that only 12.5% of Botley and Hedge End residents supported the Lib Dems last May. Hardly an impressive mandate. And that was with a candidate who has repeatedly voted against the party line on the local plan.

  3. So that's why you were late...perhaps that's also why I was told they weren't expecting many people!

  4. Only 12.5%? I bet they're glad that the electoral system isn't PR! But not many people vote so they shouldn't complain.