Sunday, 30 November 2014

Your Million Pound Town Council

Hedge End Town Council is responsible for spending considerable sums of public money. For the last few years its annual budget has been approaching a million pounds.

The Finance and Administration Committee will discuss the draft budget for 2015-16 on Tuesday 2 December.  The bottom line expenditure figure before us will be £967,887, which is apparently achievable with the same precept (the amount the council needs to fund via your council tax) as this year.

The meeting is open to the public, as are all Town Council committee meetings. This will be the first time the committee discusses the budget and no decision on it will be made at this meeting, but there are five items for resolution:

To approve the Council's expenditure for the last three months
To approve new tenants for the temporary building at the Drummond Centre
To approve the purchase of some grounds maintenance equipment
To allow access to overhead telecommunications line at Dowd's Farm Park
To agree continued part funding of PCSOs (see "Where have all the PCSOs gone?")

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