Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lib Dems increase travel costs

News you won't find in Standpoint or Focus
As rail season tickets go up by 2.5% local Lib Dems have piled on the misery for travellers at Hedge End station. From the beginning of February, it will cost £3.20 to park at the council-run car park.

The Lib Dems justify the increase as "only" 20p per day, but the fact remains that is an increase of nearly 7%, way above inflation. It comes at a time when people have been bludgeoned by four and a half years of Lib Dem and Conservative austerity measures.

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  1. Did you notice Cllr Winstanley saying in the Full Council meeting, that the Council had introduced a charge to cover costs of hosting a recent business event. She went on to reveal that the Council actually made a profit on the event, £3k if I remember correctly...

    Surely the Council is supposed to be providing a service and covering costs, rather than making a big profit...?

    Applies to car parking as well as business events...

  2. Interesting points Ray. I also note that before going into government with the Conservatives, Nick Clegg said: “Passengers crammed onto commuter trains have been forced to pay inflation-busting fares year after year while train companies rake in multi-million pound profits. It's time for passengers to come first."

    I guess that's yet another U turn.