Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lib Dems' New Path is a Wash Out

Things they won't tell you in Standpoint and Focus
Proudly boasted as an "all weather" path, the Lib Dems' latest attempt to encourage people to walk in Hedge End floods every time it rains.
Extract from recent Local Area Committee minutes

The combined footpath / cycle way through Greta Park to Turnpike Way is an excellent idea, and was positively received by people living nearby.  It is also a much better use of contributions from housing developers than the Lib Dems' recent decision to invest £360,000 in the Rose Bowl boxing club.

However pedestrians hoping to walk from Turnpike Way to the centre of Hedge End without getting wet and muddy shoes, have been disappointed.

The slightest rain sees the path flood in a number of places, leaving slimy, slippery mud on the new tarmac surface, and on winter mornings dangerous ice.

1 comment:

  1. The path is much needed, but clearly this flooding isn't right.
    Well spotted Keith.

    I would suggest to the Lib Dems that their next project should be a party in a Brewery, for which they are ideally qualified, but I'm sure they'd do so at taxpayers expense...