Sunday, 19 April 2015

Strong Economy or Fair Society?

The shameful legacy of five years of Lib Dem / Tory government. According to the Trussell Trust, nearly a million people had to rely on charity food handouts last year.

Hedge End has not been immune to this consequence of ideologically driven austerity. Our local food bank is not run by the Trussell Trust, but by Kings Community Church in Upper Northam Road.


  1. I personally know of one referral to a food bank, arranged by a local Housing Association, because the chap concerned was making a real nuisance of himself, knocking on neighbours doors, scrounging food, preying on kind-hearted & vulnerable people etc, but we have all seen that he has plenty of money to spend on booze, fags etc. The reason he cannot afford food is that he is spending his money on the wrong things. His priorities are wrong. The Housing Association made the referral as it was by far the easiest option. It stopped the nuisance for a while, but that started again when the weekly 'haul' from the foodbank became a commodity that could be traded...

    I suspect that case is not the only one in the country. The fact that these food banks exist clearly encourages some people to see them as a resource to be exploited.

    I respectfully suggest that food banks should be a safeguard for those in genuine need, not for the people who make a career out of living off the back of everybody else. Referrals therefore need to be managed a lot better than they are at the moment. Demand will drop when the state gets that right...

  2. Keith, three days after your blog, the Trussell Trust had to apologise and admit that this story was UNTRUE. Food banks did NOT feed a million people. What they meant to say was that they had issued a million food parcels, mostly to repeat customers, which is a totally different story! Their chairman, Chris Mould, added added that the charity "would review the way its publishes its figures in future." One has to question their motives in issuing a patently false and politically damaging story so close to an election . . .

  3. Thanks for the comment renard. But I'm not sure it makes much difference if we are talking about one person requiring help three times or three people requiring help once. A society where people have to depend on charity handouts to survive while the super-rich have doubled their wealth can hardly be described as "fair".