Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Will the Lib Dems Fix their Flooding Path?

The dry weather so far in April has hidden the Lib Dems' embarrassment over their "all weather" cycle path which flooded every time it rains. Eastleigh Council do seem to have improved the problem in Greta Park, but the section between Greta Park and Turnpike Way is still under mud and water after even a moderate shower. With rain in the forecast for later this week there could be an unwanted reminder of this mess in the week leading up to the local elections.

The Council have agreed the extra drainage they put in has not fixed the problem and are investigating what can be done. But there are mutterings about whether there is still any budget, which suggests the Council's contractors have been allowed to get away with substandard work. And highlights the Lib Dems' questionable decision to divert £360,000 away from countryside improvements and donate it to the Ageas Bowl boxing club when some it could have been used to fix this problem for local people.

Disclaimer: Keith Day is standing as an independent candidate for Hedge End Wildern in both Borough and Town Council elections on 7 May.


  1. I wonder if the problem can actually be fixed...?

  2. Also, I wonder if the Lib Dems can be trusted to get anything right...?

    Do you remember all those trees planted at Dowds Farm, for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
    Most are dead now.