Friday, 8 May 2015

That's Democracy Folks!

Thursday's elections have affected three of Hedge End's four levels of government. Only at county level have there been no changes.

Mike Thornton was swept away along with 48 other Lib Dem MPs to be replaced by newcomer to Eastleigh, Conservative Mims Davies.

At Eastleigh Borough Council,  Lib Dem Derek Pretty kept his seat in Grange Park and colleague Emma Norman took the Wildern ward seat left vacant by Jenny Hughes' mysterious resignation. Tory Jerry Hall took St Johns ward. With the Lib Dems also losing Hamble-le-Rice and Butlocks Heath ward, their majority at the Borough reduces marginally from 40-4 to 38-6.

Before Thursday Hedge End Town Council comprised 20 Lib Dems and one Independent. It now has 17 Lib Dems and four Conservatives. The Tories' success has forced out some experienced, hard working Lib Dems: Sheila Baynes, Margaret Allingham and Rupert Kyrle all lost their seats and newcomer Antony Marsh failed to win a place on the council.

With Councillors Louise Bloom, Nathan Khan, Richard Effeny, Dan Clarke and Ray Worley opting not to stand for re-election, there are nine new faces on the Council. Conservatives Jerry Hall, Stephanie Arnold, Georgina Jenks and Chris Yates join new Lib Dems Stephen Carr, Michael Lyons, Ian Corben, Connor Burgess and James Mitchell.

Another consequence of the changes is there is no longer a place for me as an Independent on Hedge End Town Council, so I understand a little of what some of our defeated Lib Dems might be feeling. I am grateful to those Hedge Enders who supported my candidacy by signing my nomination papers and voting for me on Thursday. But there were not enough of us, and that's how democracy works.

Hedge End (Wildern) Ward

Name of Candidate
DAY, Keith Philip
HELPS, Andrew
Labour Party
JENKS, Georgina Alice
Conservative Party Candidate
656 E
JUPE, John Malcolm
Liberal Democrat
585 E
MARSH, Antony Charles
Liberal Democrat
NORMAN, Emma Jayne
Liberal Democrat
669 E
  % Poll 67.58% 
The full results are available at


  1. Commiserations Keith. Thanks for all you have done for Hedge End over the years and I hope that we might see you return to the Borough/Town Council one day...? Sadly the locals don't seem to think Independent, but the high turnout for the Lib Dem v Tory battle in the Westminster seat is probably the main reason behind this result. Bad luck that it co-incided with the General Election this time.

    I was surprised to see Sheila Baynes and Margaret Allingham dropped. I agree they were hard working. Not really the Lib Dems I wanted to see dropped. Rupert Kyle wears far too many hats anyway, so it doesn't matter that he's lost one of them...!

    It will be interesting to follow the Tories attendance at the Town Council meetings and see how involved they get in the committees. Particularly as there's no money in it. Should certainly be a more interesting & blogworthy spectacle from the public gallery, if they do turn up.

    Blogworthy too, if they don't turn up...!

  2. Hi Keith, I have intended writing to say how sorry I am that you didn't keep your HETC seat and didn't secure an EBC one. I strongly believe in independence at the local government level - your voice will be very much missed. Kind regards, David L.

  3. Hi Keith, sorry to see that you lost your seat. You were a good councillor. Hope you return one day.