Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hedge End on the Web - January

Just some links to things concerning the Hedge End area that have appeared online recently:

The Daily Echo reported on:
Poor sales at Next
More complaints about the Ageas Bowl
Plans for 200 houses between Hedge End and West End
Fire in B&Q car park

Hedge End Councillor Keith House tweeted about:
Donald Trump
Tory immigration policy
Donald Trump (again)
Eastleigh FC
The weather
David Bowie
Barack Obama
Saudi Arabia
Barack Obama (again)

Hedge End Councillor Louise Bloom tweeted about:
Reading and wellbeing
Gender neutral honorifics
Call the midwife
Flood defences
Southampton FC
Mental health
Palestinian rights
Womens wellbeing
Mental health (again)
David Bowie

TGR Worzel blogged about:
Getting the train to Eastleigh
Shortage of pens in Hedge End Post Office

The Hedge End Trumpet blogged about:
By Election in Freegrounds ward

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