Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lib Dems Hike Sport Costs

Hedge End folk who use Town Council sports pitches for football or cricket, or Council halls for keep fit, martial arts, zumba or pilates will see the cost of hiring those facilities leap up by 3% in April. The Lib Dem dominated Recreation and Amenities committee decided in December to rubber stamp the Town Clerk's recommendation of an across the board 3% increase in charges.

Three percent might seem a small increase but it comes after a year in which inflation has been more or less zero. What is the justification in hiking charges to the people of Hedge End when the Council's own costs are much the same as they were twelve months ago?

The increase undermines the credibility of the Lib Dems' attempts to encourage people to take on more physical activity on the Borough Council web site. It is another example of the Lib Dems saying one thing and doing the opposite.

Since last May's elections there are four Conservatives on the Town Council, but they chose not to challenge the Lib Dem increases, and at full Council in December seemed happy to nod through all the Lib Dem decisions. Perhaps they kept their heads down in case the Lib Dems tried to put the blame on the Conservative government's cuts.

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  1. Better to increase the charges to users of these facilities than add to everybody's Council Tax bill...