Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why am I standing in the by election?

As it says in the election leaflet currently being delivered in Grange Park:

"Keith Day has experience as a local councillor - four years on Eastleigh Borough Council and eight on Hedge End Town Council. He knows the ropes, which means he can represent you from day one. He has served his full term each time he was elected.

Keith is not afraid to speak out on behalf of local people. He was a witness for the Town Council when developers went to the High Court to try and force through an unpopular plan for huge blocks of flats in Hedge End. He challenged the Lib Dem decision to allow the controversial tree top adventure playground in Itchen Valley Country Park. Keith will be an independently minded representative for Grange Park in a Lib Dem dominated council chamber.

When he was a councillor, Keith kept his voters informed about what was going on. He has an online blog at hedgeendblogger.blogspot.co.uk - you can look it up if you have any questions for Keith.

Wildlife and the natural environment are important to Keith. He is a member of Hampshire Wildlife Trust and Hampshire Ornithological Trust".
Tomorrow I will explain a little more about why I think the Lib Dems have failed to keep their promises about defending our green spaces, but in the meantime if you live in Grange Park and have any questions, do use the comments facility of this blog or email me at hedgeendblogger@gmail.com.

(This blog post is published and promoted on behalf of Keith Day, Eastleigh Labour Party, 69 Leigh Road, Eastleigh)

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