Saturday, 24 June 2017

Why vote Labour in Grange Park?

However you voted in the snap general election, your choice is different this time. The Lib Dems have an unassailable majority in the council chamber. There is no need to vote Lib Dem or Tory to keep the other side out in a by election. You can vote for the party you really support.

Seven years of Lib Dem and Tory rule have seen unprecedented cuts to our public services: NHS, police numbers, social care. Our public transport and roads are crumbling. We need to start rebuilding, and Labour has the answers and the leader.

With your support I can start the fight locally to oppose the ideological austerity which has failed to address the deficit and the debt.

The Conservatives are weak and wobbly with a lame duck leader. The Lib Dems are leaderless and rudderless. Polling shows that Labour has continued to win support since the general election result.

In Eastleigh, the Lib Dems stood still. Only Labour improved its vote share in line with the Tories.

Percentage vote share in Eastleigh 2015-2017 (source: BBC news website)

I will be posting soon about why we need proper honesty and transparency from our council, but in the meantime if you live in Grange Park and have any questions, do use the comments facility of this blog or email me at

(This blog post is published and promoted on behalf of Keith Day, Eastleigh Labour Party, 69 Leigh Road, Eastleigh)

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