Sunday, 12 June 2011

Community "Payback" Scheme Costs Local Taxpayers £10,000 ..

I'm generally in favour of community service orders for offenders and thought it was a good idea earlier this year when I saw a supervised team of offenders tidying up the grass verges along Turnpike Way.  The Council is now planning to have some hedges in Grange Park tidied up under the auspices of  "community payback".

What I can't understand is why - according to the June edition of "Eastleigh Borough News" - it is costing local taxpayers £10,000 to have a team of offenders working in the Hedge End area.  I thought the idea was for the miscreants to be putting something back into the community, not for the community to be paying.

It is hard on the "back office" professional contractors being laid off by the Lib Dems to see the council happily spending council tax payers' money to get the work done by grudging amateurs.

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  1. I see your point Keith, but I have to say that I've not a great deal of faith in "professional" contractors. My experience, as we've seen with the Hedge End Xmas lights, is that Contractors are only really interested in getting their money, they'll do the absolute bare minimum and are often not very "professional" at all.

    "Commercial", yes.

    "Professional", no...!