Sunday, 12 June 2011

Eastleigh's Forgotten Theatre?

Only two months after it opened, The Berry is ignored in the June edition of "Eastleigh Borough News". 

The only mention it gets is its phone number in the "A-Z of Council Services".  (An 01489 number which is routed through to The Point box office.)

There are three pages of summer events at The Point, but you'd get the impression that there is nothing at all happening in Hedge End.

It's very disappointing for those of us who are excited by the prospect of a new theatre on our doorsteps.  It looks very much as if there is no-one to speak up for The Berry at the Civic Offices since it lost its dedicated manager.  Are they worried that a successful Berry will be too much competition for the Point?

I hope the Point's music festival and Mela are a success, but the Council has to realise that there is now another venue here in Hedge End, and unless it gets the same level of publicity it will struggle to establish itself.  Now it's true that the March edition of "Borough News" covered the opening of The Berry at the expense of the coverage The Point might have expected, but surely now there are two "sister" theatres it's disgraceful to ignore either one in a council tax funded publication?

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