Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lib Dems Steamroller Town Councillor

Another local green space will disappear despite a spirited defence by Hedge End Town Councillor Bruce Tennent at a Local Area Committee dominated by two controversial planning applications in West End.  Wearing his West End Borough Council hat, Bruce supported his constituents opposing development of a grazing field on Moorgreen Road.
Unfortunately he was opposed by Lib Dem Leader Keith House who pointed out that decisions made by previous generations of Lib Dems had already condemned the field to be built on.  With the honourable exception of Bruce’s ward colleague Cllr Tony Noyce, the local Lib Dems jumped in behind Keith and steamrollered the opposition.

Countryside fared better in the other debate with permission being refused for a 66 bed care home in a woodland location in Telegraph Road. 
Councillors approved a footpath / cycleway between Whites Way and Shamblehurst Lane South, and made grants to Hedge End Bowling Club and the Teenage Drop In Centre.

As Hampshire Tories (following a “pernicious ideology” according to Hedge End Town Councillor Dan Clarke) set about demolishing the country council youth service, Eastleigh is making provision in conjunction with the Town Council, Wildern School and other organisations to keep an open access youth service running in Hedge End.   What they need is for the County to agree to transfer The Box youth centre to the newly formed local youth partnership, but there is no sign of that happening soon.

Recent Labour defector, now Lib Dem ├╝ber-loyalist Dan was rewarded for his anti-Tory rhetoric with being appointed as the committee’s representative to the partnership.

The next Local Area Committee meeting is not until 5th September.

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