Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Council's Secret Agenda

A council meeting on Bastille Day could be a risky business.  Perhaps that is why Eastleigh is keeping the full agenda for tomorrow's meeting secret.

According to this report  in the Daily Echo, there is due to be a debate on the Liberal Democrats' plans to build nearly five thousand houses on green field locations across the Borough.

You wouldn't know it from the agenda published on the Council's web site though.  This is all it says 24 hours before the meeting is due to take place:

CABINET – 11 JULY 2011
To follow.

No indication that directions are going to be set which will see acres of countryside disappearing under concrete, thousands more car journeys up and down the Borough, and the quality of life of thousands of Eastleigh voters affected.

And there was me thinking that the Lib Dems were the party of open government. 


  1. As we have seen, build a new road and it fills up pretty quickly.

    The same principle applies with housing.

    Build 6000 new homes and before we know it they will all be occupied and there'll be demand for another 6000...

    So it might be best not to build these new homes and create market forces that encourage people to live elsewhere, i.e. balancing the UK population so we are not all living and working in the South of the country but are living and working up North too...!

    We just need local leaders who are brave enough and wise enough to say No...

  2. The supplementary papers are now available on the Council's web site.

    It's really not good enough to hide these from the public until the day of the meeting.

  3. Is there a demand for 1000's of new homes in the area? Is the housing market in a state to facilitate the sale of these homes? Build on green belt land, is there a better option?

    Questions, questions, questions....

  4. Why dont you just tell the truth about Keith House and his plans to build the mega village in Hedge End from 5+ years ago? Ask the County Council planners.